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Water Damage San Diego Warnings: There’s Something in the Water!

Published by 911 Restoration San Diego on May 6, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration with tags:

When water damage disasters happen we are inclined to wag our finger angrily at our pipes and blame them for flooding our homes, but did you know that according to most professional water damage restoration service providers hard water has been a leading cause for household water damage? It may not be as fast or dramatic as a pipe freeze in the winter, but hard water can clog your pipes with mineral deposits and give your plumbing a heart attack like a diabetic man eating a dozen donuts. By understand the risks associated with hard water on your plumbing you can take the needed steps to ensure any future pipe bursts will have nothing to do with what’s in the water!

What is in Hard Water?

Hard water contains a number of minerals that can cause pipes to clog. According to the USGS Water Quality Agency hard water can exist throughout the country and roughly half of the water in the country is classified as hard. In fact the Water Quality Association states that clogged pipes and appliances are a common sign of hard water, so homeowners should be aware of that which might be lurking in their water. Some common components to hard water include magnesium and calcium and, although these minerals don’t pose a threat to human health, they do cause the potential for harm to your plumbing. Large levels of calcium clinging to the sides of your pipes may require your need for a licensed sewage backup  restoration team, as too many minerals in a pipe can cause a pretty nasty blockage!

Why does Hard Water Cause Pipe Blockage?

The minerals in hard water causes pipe blockage. You know when you look up at your showerhead in the morning and you see that crusty white stuff? Just imagine thousands upon thousands of layers of it inside your pipes calcifying and causing a hardened substance that blocks water flow. It happens all the time and keeps pipe burst San Diego companies in business! When rust or mineral deposits form a buildup in your pipes, pressure is created within and can cause pipes to expand and burst spraying water everywhere.

How Can I Protect my Plumbing?

You can protect your plumbing by performing a number of yearly routine maintenance tasks. For example, start by picking up a hard water tester at your local home improvement store and make sure your H2o is free from threatening minerals. If hard water is indeed present, adding a softener once every six months should do the trick. You can also protect your plumbing by having your pipes inspected for leaks or other signs of weaknesses. Many plumbing companies offer free inspections by certified techs who know what the red flags look like. And remember, a slow leak from a pipe may not seem like a threat, but leaks can produce deadly mold spores and they have the potential to turn into fully fledged bursts. If your car was leaking oil you would have it inspected; treat your pipes with the same care and you will be good to go. In the meantime, start your maintenance plan by testing the water and if there’s nothing in it then pour your cup and toast the plumbing gods for blessing your pipes with water as pure as the rivers of Valhalla!

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