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Water Damage San Diego: What ‘Deliver Us from Evil’ Teaches About Restoration Services

Published by 911 Restoration San Diego on July 16, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration with tags:

Like the powers of Satan, water damage can sink its fangs into any picture-perfect home and take it from a backdrop reminiscent of Norman Rockwell to a “hell on earth” landscape ideal for Lucifer’s fondest leisure activities. The top water damage San Diego companies will often take on the semblance of Mendoza, the Spanish exorcist who teams up with police officer Ralph Sarchie to discover and destroy the sinister force causing evil havoc all over the city in the 2014 film ‘Deliver Us from Evil’. Here is what the movie teaches us: Just as the devil may possess a soul and transform the person into a godless head-spinning monstrosity that babbles aimlessly in dead languages, water damage can warp your floors and cause structural damage to your home making it look like a dead abode. Clearly professional water damage restoration services can detect and remediate flooded walls in your home much the way exorcists armed with law enforcement professionals can put a stop to Satan’s fiendish antics. But what more does this unlikely pair have in common?

How does Water Damage and Satanic Possession Start?

Just whereas Satan needs a willing soul to enter, water damage needs an outlet to unleash its chaos. A leaking water heater, a roof with holes, or a pipe burst all make easy gateways for water damage to reveal itself just as a naïve person playing with a Ouija board on Halloween Eve is just asking for a set of glowing red eyes. Here are some tips for avoiding both Satanic possession and water damage:

  • Don’t play with Ouija boards
  • Don’t flush things down the toilet that can clog pipes
  • Don’t engage in séances
  • Have your pipes inspected once a year for cracks or bulging
  • Don’t attend a Black Mass
  • Make sure your gutters and downspout are cleaned out
  • Don’t get a pentagram tattooed on your forehead
  • Sandbag your property when heavy rain is predicted
  • Don’t sleep with a copy of the Grand Grimoire under your pillow
  • Make sure your water isn’t hard

Hard water can cause mineral deposits to buildup over time in your pipes and calcify causing a crust-like substance that can block water flow. As a result pressure builds and pipes can burst spewing water everywhere. Consequently, playing with a Ouija board a little bit each day may cause Satanic buildup to layer your soul with a sable grime that, overtime, may turn you into a servant of the devil and cause you to spew something else that Linda Blair is all too familiar with!

Get Behind me Satan! Get Behind me Water Damage!

You are a good person, and you don’t deserve to be haunted by water damage or the devil. By staying away from instruments of evil, and by adhering to safe plumbing and home maintenance practices, your soul and home can be as clean and pristine as the Sistine Chapel. And remember, if you see a pipe leak or you feel the urge to speak a dead language in a low pitch tone while levitating off the ground, call a water damage specialist and then call your local priest!

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