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Reusing Gray Water in San Diego

Published by 911 Restoration San Diego on March 4, 2014 in category: Current Event

water extraction San DiegoGray water is water that comes from a home’s sinks, showers, bath tubs or washing machines. Gray water does not include water that comes from toilets. Even though gray water tends to look slightly dirty and can include traces of hair, grease, or food, the water is completely safe to recycle for use in irrigation systems.

In times of extreme drought, such as the problem that San Diego and much of California is currently facing, gray water can be recycled and help the state deal with the conditions. There are currently companies in San Diego that are able to install water recycling systems to washing machines to redirect and use the gray water for other purposes. There are many different benefits of recycling gray water along with a couple different methods of containing the gray water.

Benefits Of Recycling Gray Water

One of the biggest and easily seen benefits of recycling gray water is the fact the municipality uses less water. In times such as the drought San Diego is facing, using gray water to irrigate or using it for any other task that does not require safe drinking water helps conserve the safe, clean water for tasks that it is needed for.

Another great benefit of recycling gray water is the significant amount of money that can be saved. In your San Diego home, you no doubt use quite a bit of water through your sprinkler system to water your lawn and plants. Many of the grasses and plants in the area don’t naturally grow in this climate, requiring lots of water. Using recycled gray water from your home will greatly reduce your water bill.

Common Methods Of Recycling Gray Water

When it comes to recycling gray water, there are a couple different methods that are commonly practiced.

One of the most common ways of recycling gray water is to install a system that will divert gray water that comes from a washing machine, showers, sinks and bath tubs straight into the toilets of the home.

Another common way of recycling gray water is to install a system that will take the gray water from the home’s washing machine, showers, sinks and bath tubs to use as an outdoor irrigation system for the home. This greatly reduces the need for using potable water for irrigation around the home.

One thing that must be remembered when recycling gray water, especially if it is done in a do-it-yourself manner, is that gray water can still harbor certain bacterias and must be dealt with safely. Even though the water is suitable to be used in toilets and irrigation systems, the water is not sanitary.

There are many different benefits of recycling gray water that can be observed, especially in times of drought. There are several different ways to recycle gray water, and benefits can be reaped in different ways as well. Whether it is re-routed gray water back into the home’s toilets, or using the water as irrigation, water conservation helps the environment and your wallet.

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