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Mold Removal San Diego: Can Surfing Lead to Household Mold?

Published by 911 Restoration San Diego on June 19, 2014 in category: Mold Inspection with tags:

Living in “America’s Finest City” is a real privilege, especially if you surf because San Diego County offers some of America’s best beaches for carving up waves. But did you know that spending time in “the green room” poses a risk that may require you to call a certified mold removal San Diego company to rid your home of toxic mold spores? Keep in mind that mold grows on materials that are organic or semi- organic, and most surfboards have some of these elements. If your surfboard hasn’t been dried properly and is left in a basement or in an area with poor air circulation and little to no sunlight, mold can grow and spread to constructional materials in your home like wood, concrete or carpets. When something like this happens you may find yourself calling for certified mold removal services before the toxic spores are allowed to spread throughout your home.

For example, mushroom surfboards are the newest fad, and ironically the name suggests they could grow mold if not dried properly after each use. These surfboards are made from crop production materials such as rice hulls, corn husks, vegetable roots and stocks and a vegetative form of mushrooms called mycelium. If you are an environmentalist this could likely be the perfect board for you. But just be warned that as cool as these boards may be, they are magnets for growing mold if not properly cared for, and when brought into the house dripping wet, your hardwoods and carpets could take on the brunt of mold exposure. At this point only certified mold removal San Diego specialists can remediate your home, so be sure to take care of your board in a responsible manner.

Caring for Your Boards will Ban Mold Hoards

When you have finished a great day of surfing don’t just throw your board in the back of your truck and head home to stand it in the hallway. You will want to dry your board removing all moisture and put it in a storage bag. Not only will the bag allow any remaining water to dry, it will also protect the board from getting scratches and dings. In addition, any mold removal San Diego technicians who surfs will say that board bags protect your walls and floors from coming into contact with any water or wet sand.

So can Minuscule Amounts of Water really Cause Mold?

Yes indeed, even minuscule amounts of water like moisture beads can cause mold growth in your home. Look at it this way; when it rains moisture can become trapped in little gaps between your window pane and glass, and a spilled cup of water on your hardwoods can send moisture down in between the boards where mold can grow if the conditions are perfect for it. When you go outdoors there are spores floating around everywhere, but they only become dangerous when they come in contact with wet, organic surfaces where they can breed black mold. Most mold removal San Diego companies deal with emergencies all the time in which black mold has been growing in drywall, under floors, and inside ceilings and roofs without the homeowner being wise to it. When you take care of your board and home, mold spores will have no place corrupting your walls and floors!

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