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Fire Damage San Diego: Salvation Through Fire Evacuation

Published by 911 Restoration San Diego on May 26, 2014 in category: Fire Damage Repair with tags:

The 2014 San Diego fires have taught us that nobody is completely safe from the threat of fire damage. All it takes is an act of arson, human carelessness, or a lightning strike in dry conditions with high winds and miles upon miles of residents can be directly threatened as was the case with Carlsbad area homes in the 2014 San Diego fires that destroyed dozens of houses. Though we have little control over the course of direction fires choose to take in such conditions, by forming a fire escape plan for your family you can help increase the chance that everyone will get out safely in the unfortunate event a fire should ever strike.

Do a Walk Through of Your Home

The first step to formulating a fire escape plan is to do a walk through with your entire family. Carry a pen and some paper and note all the possible escape routes and exits from every room. If you have small children have them draw a floor plan of the home and instruct them to mark two possible escape patterns from every room and hallway—as this method will help them better absorb and remember the escape routes. Keep in mind that some windows, even if from a second story, can be an escape route. For example, if there is fire in a hallway the bedroom window will be the only practical escape path to take. If a mattress can be bent to fit through the window, toss it out so you have something soft to land on. But if this is impossible wrap a blanket over your head and hold it in place with your arms and hands to protect a head injury when you jump. Try landing softly by allowing your body to fall sideways right before your feet would strike the ground. You may receive some bruises or even a broken bone, but this method will help reduce your chances of receiving more serious injuries. Once all family members are safe and outside, call the fire department and then call a San Diego fire damage restoration company to step in and perform acidic smoke removal and wood floor restoration services before the damage intensifies over time.

Don’t Forget Fluffy!

Remember, your four-legged fur children will rely on someone from your family to save them. Therefore choose a responsible member of the family to locate your cat or dog and take them outside to a safe meeting point. Cats and dogs are just as susceptible to injuries from smoke intake and flames like the rest of us, so be sure they are evacuated with everyone else. However, if you have a fish aquarium, your little fish friends may perish, as the tank will be too heavy to move and you don’t have the time to drain the water. If you really love your fish that much you could try scooping them into a glass of water, but if they keep trying to avoid capture perhaps they are sending you a signal that they had a nice, fulfilled life and are ready to go to fishy heaven (or fishy hell if they are Betas that pick on the other fish). And if the heat from the fire causes the tank to burn off its wood stand and spill everywhere, any fire damage company will be licensed to provide water damage restoration services because fire departments typically spray hundreds of gallons of water into a burning home and restoration techs must be well versed in the science of water cleanup and advanced drying tactics.

Stay safe! Form a fire escape plan and choose a meeting point like at a neighbor’s house or out by the side of the road. A little careful planning can offer salvation and keep a family together for a long time to come.

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