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Fire Damage San Diego Companies Love Disney’s ‘Planes: Fire and Rescue’

Published by 911 Restoration San Diego on July 22, 2014 in category: Fire Damage Repair with tags:

San Diego is appropriately nicknamed “America’s Finest City’, and with our stunning coastal line, superior beaches, unique neighborhoods and perfect year-long weather, the title is justified. But the 80s rocks band Poison was dead-on when they said “every rose has its thorn”, and any fire damage San Diego company will say that our city is the rose but our history of fire damage is clearly the thorn. We will never forget the wildfires that devastated San Diego county in 2007 and the recent ones in 2014 that engulfed our communities destroying multiple homes. Needless to say, fires are the worse disasters to strike homes and they pose a greater threat for loss of life than solitary water damage does. When young families with children get a chance to learn about fire damage, any restoration company will be thrilled as they all strive to educate customers after performing fire damage restoration services because everyone deserves to stay safe.

What Dusty Crophopper Can Teach Kids

If you saw the first film you will know and love Dusty Crophopper—the internationally famous racer who damages his engine and is told he can never race again. But like a phoenix he rises from his ashes of doubt and winds up becoming a hero by attacking wildfires that threaten little animals and nearby houses. There are two main messages here: one is that fires can start very easily and this film does a very good job putting things into perspective so that kids can understand just how devastating a fire in the wild can be. Finally, Dusty Crophopper teaches kids that when life gives you lemons, you can make lemonade. Whether a child has a psychical or a psychological disability that prevents them from engaging in certain things, there are other avenues for fulfillment and enjoyment in life.

Prevent Wild Fires from Swarming Your Property

If a fire is nearby and you have yet to receive an evacuation notice, turn on all your sprinklers and spray your roof with the hose. You can also remove all dry brush so any airborne sparks won’t have a place to land. If you are reading this before a fire is even threatening your area, go perform some landscaping to minimize the threat of a fire. Plant your trees about 10 feet apart and remove all small areas of brush. The space between the trees will limit the amount of oxygen that fire needs to grow. For a more detailed landscaping strategy and other fire prevention tips be sure to visit your local fire station, and if they have a fire fighting airplane be sure to take the kids so they can visit a real-life Dusty Crophopper!

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