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Water Damage Lemon Grove, CA

Water damage needs to be remedied by our water damage Lemon Grove team at our water damage San Diego company because we have over 35 years of experience restoration houses to their proper condition. 911 Restoration San Diego is available 24/7 ready to respond to anything from storm damage that produces roof leaks to ruptured hoses that flood your laundry room. We are licensed, insured and bonded to perform all the disaster restoration services.

Water Damage Lemon Grove

When you call our water damage Lemon Grove team we will perform the best quality water damage restoration services to make the process fast and effective. Without the trained hand of a professional, enough moisture could be left over to generate mold spores, which bring about even more health risks.  This is why our water damage Lemon Grove experts are IICRC certified in water extractions regardless of the cause, from a pipe burst to rain leaks. Call 911 Restoration Lemon Grove when you need water damage restoration and we will respond within 45 minutes to start pumping water out with the latest drying technology.

Who do I Call for Water Damage Restoration in Lemon Grove?

When you have a pipe burst, be sure to turn off the main water line right away, then call our water damage Lemon Grove specialists for expert drying and clean up. As soon as we get there, we will start pumping water from your home while one of our teammates inspects everything form your attic to the carpets. We get there fast to minimize the damage. Once the main water line has been disabled, clear out all the furniture and valuables from the area and shut off the electricity in the flooded room to prevent a shock.

Water Damage Lemon Grove

Once we get the situation under control, our water damage Lemon Grove professionals will work with your insurance company to file your water damage claim. 911 Restoration will always put the customer first, so we make sure the hassle on your part is minimal by taking care of all aspects of the scenario, from a free mold inspection to handling the insurance paperwork. Call us to make sure you get the most water damage coverage from your homeowner’s insurance.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Homeowner’s insurance covers water damage Lemon Grove services only when the homeowner takes care of the property with preventative maintenance such as installing a sewage back flow valve, cleaning rain gutters, and repairing plumbing leaks. If  a toilet overflow occurred with no back flow valve in place, rain leaks started with debris covered downspouts, or floods lasted more than 24 hours, your insurance policy will likely lapse. If you perform all necessary preventative maintenance, you should have no problem receiving full coverage for the water damage. When you are worried about your home and finances, call 911 Restoration for help from the best water damage Lemon Grove company.

What is the Best Water Damage Company in Lemon Grove?

911 Restoration and our water damage Lemon Grove technicians compose the best water damage company in all of San Diego County! We have over nearly four decades of experience offering the best water removal and customer service skills. Officially known for its motto, “Best Climate on Earth”, Lemon Grove has a wonderful reputation for having bright, clear skies and what seems like year round sunshine making it an ideal place to raise a family for those who love to be outdoors. However, Lemon Grove has been known to get the odd storms sending buckets of rain down, making local homes susceptible to flooding. Our water damage Lemon Grove team will be there ready to offer a free inspection to find mold followed by an affordable price on all our disaster restoration services. Call today and let us breathe a new beginning into your home with our fresh start same day services.
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Water Damage Lemon Grove


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To be honest, 911 Restoration is the best water restoration company I’ve ever worked with. Last time my bathroom was water damaged, I called and they arrived in one hour. They fixed everything so efficiently. The final bill was even lower than I expected!

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