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Sewage Backup and Cleanup San Marcos, CA

Sewage backup can cause severe water damage to your home if not treated immediately, which is why 911 Restoration San Diego and our sewage backup and cleanup San Marcos company is available 24/7 ready to perform black water extractions upon zero notice. Sewage backups not only cause destruction to your home, if allowed to spill up into your home the effects of raw sewage on your family members can be devastating as it contains a number of diseases and viruses. Our sewage backup services are performed around the clock because we value this special community that we live and work in and strive to keep every home and business safe from the hazards of sewage backup. Home to a number of colleges and universities, amazing restaurants, and a booming craft beer scene, San Marcos draws homeowners from all over San Diego County who seek the laid back life while having a number of benefits right outside their front door. As such when our sewage backup and cleanup San Marcos team arrives to start cleanup be it from a pipe burst or a returning water issue, we strive to perform our work to the highest standards to reflect this beautiful community. Give 911 Restoration San Diego a call today and we will even file your sewage backup claim with your insurance company!

Is Sewage Backup Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance?

In some cases water damage caused by sewage backup is covered by homeowner’s insurance yet our sewage backup and cleanup San Marcos techs warn that you should read your policy very carefully. Our sewage backup plumbing repair team has done extensive research and according to the Insurance Information Institute any water damage caused by sewage backup related to flood water from storms filling the local sewer system would likely require a supplemental policy to ensure coverage. Also, if your plumbing is made from cast iron or clay it could be over 100 years old and would automatically disqualify you from getting your claim covered. Our sewage backup and cleanup San Marcos experts suggest you have a documented inspection of your home’s plumbing system and make any upgrades needed to satisfy your insurance policy. In the meantime if you experience any kind of a gray water spill from plumbing leaks or if you encounter a toilet overflow and you don’t know who to call, phone our sewage backup and cleanup San Marcos crew and we will be there in no time!

Who Do I Call if I Have a Flooded Toilet?

Our sewage backup and cleanup San Marcos are the best in the industry when it comes to a flooded toilet problem, so call us without delay. We can perform high-tech water extractions and make sure that you get the best drying and clean up services. A toilet overflow or sewage backup is one of the most damaging problems you could experience as a homeowner, and our sewage backup and cleanup San Marcos team is ready to handle it with ease. Category 3 plumbing issues should be treated seriously as the presence of black water should cause you to evacuate the premises immediately while you wait for our team to finish our high-quality restoration services and repairs. Contact us right away for an instant response to your sewage backup problem because you don’t want dangerous sewage fumes to hurt you and your family!

Can Sewage Fumes Hurt You?

In some cases sewage fumes can hurt you which is why you should call our sewage backup and cleanup San Marcos pros right away in the event of a spill. Sewage contains a gas called hydrogen sulfide which is toxic. Medical research has revealed that in concentrations above 150ppm hydrogen sulfide has a depressant effect on the central nervous system. Although it is unlikely you will encounter an exposure to raw sewage this high from a pipe burst or ruptured hoses, even small amounts of sewer gas can make people nauseous and ill. Our sewage backup technicians work very closely with the city of San Marcos and we are ready to respond within 45 minutes of all calls to perform emergency black water extractions. When plumbing leaks unleash sewage into your home you need the best sewage backup company on your side, so give us a call!

Who is the Best Sewage Backup Company?

Without a doubt 911 Restoration is the best sewage backup company because our sewage backup and cleanup San Marcos offers the highest class of water damage restoration services. You will be amazed by our professionalism and how seriously we put our customers first. We will work with your insurance company, no matter what policy you have. We make sure that you get high-quality and affordable solutions to your sewage backup problem. Our sewage backup San Marcos technicians are licensed, insured and bonded and have almost four decades of experience in the field. If you call us right now, our sewage backup and cleanup San Marcos team will come to your home and give you a free inspection before we set to work restoring your home to something even better than how you remember it, so call now!

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