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Water Damage San Diego

911 Restoration San Diego

Water damage can be unpredictable and strike homes when you least expect it, and our water damage San Diego company has been available 24/7 since 1978 to quickly respond to all emergencies that spring up. The last thing you want is to come home from a San Diego Chargers game and discover a foot of water standing in your kitchen. 911 Restoration San Diego offers the most comprehensive water damage restoration services that not only initiate water removal tactics, but our certified specialists also fully restore any home and business back to its original condition. Water damage typically comes in the forms of plumbing problems and rain storms. Though San Diego is known for perfect year-round weather, we always seem to get one bad rain storm at least once a year that causes hundreds of roof leaks. In addition, heavy rain can flood your crawl space, run down the side of your home into the foundation, or cause rising waters from the sewer to flood your property. Our water damage San Diego technicians begin pumping water from your home right away, and we respond within 45 minutes of every call, no matter what. Plumbing disasters like a pipe burst, fire sprinklers malfunction or a bad toilet overflow also account for a significant number of water extractions that our water damage San Diego team performs year round. When pipes form rust, cracks or bulging they can burst and send gallons of water into your home. Older pipes made from cast iron or clay are even more susceptible to failure. In addition, blockage caused by hard water or the disposal of inappropriate objects can also result in a pipe burst. Finally, your appliances can also cause household flooding if not properly maintained. Our water damage San Diego pros perform water cleanup services when ruptured hoses from your washing machine flood the laundry room, or when your water heater leaks and floods the garage.

According to experts, a flood of some type will strike each homeowner once in 50 years, and with a population of over 1.3 million residents, our water damage San Diego technicians stay busy all year long. We have over 35 years of experience offering the best same day service in all of San Diego County while consistently ranking number one in customer service. Don’t let water damage turn an easy fixable repair into a major structural issue; call our water damage San Diego team today and let us perform the top water extractions needed to get your home back to its previous condition and to keep mold at bay.

Does Water Damage Cause Mold?

Water damage is notorious for causing mold, and if you hire a second-class company to perform water removal services done at a subpar level instead of calling our certified water damage San Diego specialists, you could easily develop a toxic mold infestation. Our mold removal services start out in the form of a free inspection in which we check for the visible symptoms of mold. We also have highly sensitive testing equipment that can test the home for invisible toxic spores that could be threatening your family with health problems. Mold thrives in moist environments that get little to no sunlight, and where humidity is higher. This is why it is vital you call our water damage San Diego company when a plumbing disaster floods your carpets so we can use the latest drying technology to ensure no water is left behind to foster black mold. But if you call 911 Restoration San Diego after the fact, we will check all the way down to your subfloor and foundation to ensure no mold infestation is slowly creeping up to your floors. If you see black spots on your walls or in between your tiles, call our water damage San Diego team today and let our staff do what we do best: remove mold caused by roof rot, a sewage problem or anything that introduces moisture into the home.

Do Water Damage San Diego Companies Perform Sewage Backup and Cleanup Services?

Our water damage San Diego company provides residents with the best sewage backup and cleanup services in the county, and 911 Restoration San Diego is staffed with highly skilled professionals who get the job done quickly and safely. Sewage, also known as black water, can flow out from the toilet or burst from the septic tank into your yard. It can also leak into the basement or your home’s foundation. A category 3 black water spill can be extremely harmful as sewage is known to carry E coli and a number of other deadly bacteria and viruses that can make people deathly ill. Our water damage San Diego pros are certified and trained to safely remove all traces of black and gray water while avoiding cross-contamination in other areas of the home. We also use industrial strength treatments to transform a bathroom floor saturated in black water to a floor so pristine that you would invite your best friend to eat off it! We value professionalism and this is why we refuse to leave until we restore your home to its original condition and to the same standards we would set for our own family to live in. Our water damage San Diego crew are licensed, insured and bonded to perform all the major restoration services, including fire damage restoration, so if you have a sewage backup problem or a toilet overflow give us a call for fast service at an affordable price!

Why Should I call a Water Damage San Diego Company for Fire Damage Restoration?

When you are in need of fire damage restoration services the best decision you can make is to call our water damage San Diego company because you will need water extractions performed due to the fire hoses used to put the flames out. Unfortunately, living in beautiful San Diego comes at a price, and our county is known for suffering from massive fire damage. Our water damage San Diego company has a specialty fire damage restoration team standing by to step in as soon as the fire department leaves so we can begin transforming your home back to its previous condition. When the fire department extinguishes the flames they can spray hundreds of gallons of water into your home turning it into a black soupy mess of soot and sludge that leaves acidic smoke embedded in the walls and floors. Our wood floor restoration specialists and odor removal team will get to work while other team members begin pumping water away from your home. We even remove your furniture and personal items and offer storage services to keep your things safe from further damage while we initiate water repair and smoke removal services. A fire doesn’t have to destroy your home for good; call our water damage San Diego techs and let us fully restore and return your home back to you while offering any additional services you may need to make life easier!

What other Services does 911 Restoration Offer?

Our water damage San Diego company covers all the bases because 911 Restoration offers all the disaster restoration services from storm damage and plumbing floods, to those oddball occasions in life when a tree topples over onto your house—we will be there in no time to clean up the mess and make any repairs needed in our arsenal of restoration services. Even if we suffer an earthquake and half your home collapses spewing water everywhere, our water damage San Diego company contracts with the best in the area to restore any home. In addition to providing the best water damage restoration services in all of San Diego, 911 Restoration prides itself on working with all insurance companies because we understand that filing a claim can be time consuming and stressful. In fact, our water damage San Diego customer service team will even do it for you! If you have an out-of-pocket expense, don’t worry, because we offer an affordable price to fit any budget. We believe that disaster restoration expenses should never dip into a family’s vacation fund or savings account, so that is why we work with our customers to offer an affordable solution day and night. We care about our community members, so call our 911 Restoration professionals in the event of any water damage emergency and we will be there to take on the burden for you and return your home back to your family where years of fond memories will continue to form.

911 Restoration San Diego offers the most comprehensive water damage restoration services that not only initiate water removal tactics, but our certified specialists also fully restore any home and business back to its original condition.
911 Restoration San Diego
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